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to live your values

Being plant-based is a commitment that comes with challenges. Our meals are designed to help.

  • Create your menuconvenient

    Meals people love at a price they can afford, delivered nationwide and ready in minutes

  • Made with lovenutritious

    Filled with an amazing diversity of fresh ingredients, to deliver all the benefits of being plant based

  • sustainable

    We compost our food scraps, and our delivery cartons and trays are all 100% recyclable

making it easy to eat the rainbow

Our menu features over 250 individual ingredients, so your body benefits from a full range of essential nutrients

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meals that help you reduce your impact

Because it’s the small changes we all make that will bring about the big changes the world needs

  • 75%

    fewer harmful emissions

  • 66%

    less wildlife destruction

  • 54%

    less water used

  • 75%

    less land use

easy but good

In our quest for convenience we don’t compromise on the things that matter

Made in a kitchen, not a factory

Real flavour without flavour enhancers

Designed to be low in sugar

No further added preservatives

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We use ingredients rich in iron and calcium

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As a nutritionist and cancer survivor, I have learnt that prioritising gut health is paramount in rebuilding immune health. The incorporation of diverse plant-based foods rich in fibre is a key strategy. For a young woman juggling a busy life, embracing a variety of plant foods became seamless with the convenience of ordering Soulara’s balanced, plant-based meals—ensuring optimal macros for my body’s needs.

Katie Baxter

BHSc Nutrition & Dietetics