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Soulara meals are dietitian-designed so you can enjoy the full benefits of a plant-based diet

plenty of protein

You'll find it easy to make sure you're getting what you need

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We lean into minimally-processed, farm fresh ingredients

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We fill our meals with plant that pack a nutritious punch

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Our chefs know how to bring out the best from plant-based ingredients

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  • delicious plant-based meals in 3 mins

  • made to give your body what it needs

  • 50+ award-winning dishes to explore

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Enjoy all the delicious possibilities of plant-based cuisine with our huge range constantly updated dishes

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You can get more than prepared meals delivered. Dive into our plant-based snacks & drinks too!

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We’re proud to serve thousands of plant based Aussies across the country every day. Join us!

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soulara love!

Good health begins with a good gut. Soulara ready-made meals are high in fibre and low in saturated fats to support your gut health & overall wellbeing









plant power, delivered

Soulara is here to grow the movement by making a plant-based diet easy, accessible, healthy & fun

thrive with delicious, healthy meals made from real ingredients that support total well-being

enjoy the convenience of award-winning meals, snacks and drinks delivered straight to your door

discover dishes inspired by the best of the world, crafted by plant-based experts

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Soulara is Australia’s favourite plant-based, vegetarian ready-made meal service that delivers all across Australia.